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CPE exams 2, Practice Tests. Key / Ответы к тестам английского языка




В наличии: 200,0 шт.
Артикул: 9781471507595
Автор: Virginia Evans
Название курса: CPE
Тип издания: Ответы к тестам, уровень 2
Уровень: Уровень 2
Издательство: Express Publishing
ISBN: 9781471507595
Язык издания: Английский
Страна производитель: Великобритания
Изучение языка: Английский
Состояние: Новое
93,0 UAH (2,9 EUR)

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Английский язык | CPE exams | Practice Tests. Key. Ответы к тестам, 2 | Exspress Publishing
Published 2013. CPE Practice Tests 1 is a set of six complete practice tests written in line with the specifications for the revised Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) examination (introduction March 2013). This set of tests, written by experienced examinations authors, provide comprehensive coverage of the type of language points and individual skills focuses targeted in the examination and, taken together, offer thorough practice in the tasks contained in each of the four papers. Key features of Student?s Book: Six full practice tests for the revised CPE examination Introductory section providing a comprehensive overview of each of the four papers Wide range of authentic texts drawn from a variety of sources in line with CPE specifications Thorough coverage of discrete language and skills focuses targeted in the examination across the six tests Full colour visual prompts for each Paper 4 Audio CDs containing all Paper 3 material in test simulation format Features of Key: Complete answers and suggested answers to all sections including Speaking Paper 4 Model answers to all Paper 2 writing questions.

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