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Рабочая тетрадь Family and Friends 2 второе издание, Naomi Simmons | Oxford

Family and Friends Level 2 Workbook (Ukraine)



В наличии: 198,0 шт.
Артикул: 9780194811217
Автор: Naomi Simmons
Название курса: Family and Friends
Тип издания: Рабочая тетрадь
Уровень: Уровень 2
Переплет: мягкий
Издательство: Oxford University Press
206,0 UAH (6,4 EUR)

в корзину:

Полная спецификация

Features for the 2nd edition include real-world fluency development with supporting DVD, interactive Online Practice, new and updated assessment and testing material, and additional culture focus sections.

Ключевые характеристики


  • Workbook practice activities for every lesson in the Class Book give thorough consolidation of new language learned

  • Class Book and Workbook have the same page numbers for ease of use

  • Unique Phonics Plus! pages and Phonics Plus! Review cover all the sounds in the Class Book to give children extra confidence in their reading and spelling

  • Personalized writing tasks help students with extensive writing

  • New Fluency Time! board game is a fun, meaningful way to review Everyday English

  • Picture dictionary provides a visual reference of all the vocabulary covered to help children remember

  • Handwriting sections to trace and copy new letters help with motor skills and developing writing



Support and development for the whole child

Family and Friends has a very clear methodology with objectives for every lesson, and carefully staged activities to support your pupils’ learning.

The Workbook matches every lesson in the Class Book page by page so it is easy to move from Class Book to Workbook. It offers a wide variety of different practice and consolidation activities including:


Phonics Plus! pages at the back of the workbook give additional practice of all the phonics sounds in each unit. This means that children will be able to improve their reading, and decode words by recognising spelling patterns.

Extended Writing

Students prepare their writing tasks in the Class Book and then have the opportunity for more extensive writing in the ‘About Me’ sections of Skills Time! in the Workbook.

Fluency Practice

There is further written practice of the Everyday English including activities based on the Fluency DVD. A Fluency Review board game at the back of the Workbook is a fun, motivating context for students to review the language through spoken practice. There is also an Everyday English phrase bank as a useful reference section.

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